At, we know there is nothing better than using your own golf clubs for the fit, the feel, and the comfort.

Hmmm ... Why not rent?

Now you can rent airline hard-shell (rigid) golf club travel bags at affordable rates. No need to buy these expensive and rarely used bulky items, just rent them when needed.

We cater to individuals or groups who use these items occasionally. Also to individuals who don’t have the space in their home, or simply do not want to invest in these travel accessories.

We only use SKBTM brand, the best and sturdiest hard-shell golf flight cases to protect your valuable golf clubs during transport and rough handling at airports. Unlike soft cases, these golf cases are specifically designed to withstand harsh handling and the environmental rigors of rain or snow as they sit outside awaiting to be loaded onto aircraft, buses, or trains.

We personalize our services and cater to our client’s needs such as:


  1. Short Notice

  2. Weekends

  3. Late Evenings

  4. Delivery / Pick-up

  5. Large Groups

Golf Cases

Do you fit into this scenario?

  1. BulletYou want to save hundreds of dollars

  2. AVOID
Club Damage
Water Damage 
TheftYou don’t have the storage space

  3. AVOID water damageYou don’t want to store these cases

  4. AVOID
Club Damage
Water Damage 
TheftYou rarely travel

  5. AVOID
Club Damage
Water Damage 
TheftYou don’t want the hassle of maintenance / repair.

AVOID water damage

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Club Damage
Water Damage 
AVOID water damage
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AVOID water damage


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